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My two most useful purchases this year:

1) An excellent pair of leather combat boots from Le Chateau. These boots are work horses, I've taken them camping, hiking, to the job, you name it they do it!  Just enough pizazz to be fashion and simple enough to do all the things.  Get them here :


2) This Zara coat I wouldn't shut up about till my BF, sick of hearing me rave, finally got it for me.  Not only is it super cute and stylish, it works as 3 different coats in one.  A warm winter option with a button in fuzzy vest, a lighter shell and zip off the bottom half for a precious crop summer jacket.  The bonuses? A gi-normous hood and huge, carry-all pockets perfect for all your adventuring needs.  Unfortunately, due to Zara's high inventory turn-over it's not available now, but don't worry they have a few really great similar pieces so hurry and check em out online!


I've always been fascinated with interior decorating so I thought I'd give it a try today for something a little different. I love the use of complementary colour in decorating and the vintage furniture gives a warm, inviting feel.

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Take a camouflage tutu to a whole different party with a chunky knit, some boots and a sassy accessory or two.  I'd also add a knit pair of tights for extra warmth on a chilly fall day. One of the seasons most versatile patterns.

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As of late, adventure has become far more important to me than my appearance.  The latter is however, still on my mind when I get dressed on the weekends and I'd rather not look like I've stepped out of a MEC ad.   Gumboots (yes I used to cringe too)  have been of the utmost help in my struggles, and a particularly lovely pair of floral Hunters never fail to add some interest and feminine flare to my backwoods ensembles.  

The appeal of a good book and a cup of something warm and delicious will never be lost on me... 

I just got a dress like this today in a 3 for $20.00 deal at Urban Behaviour, the infamous bar star/teeny bopper store.  Never underestimate the stores we all write off as cheap crap!  My other two items included some printed shorts, always useful as the mercury rises!  I plan to get my 7ish dollars out of this dress by taking it from summer to winter adding cardigans and sweaters to make it double as a skirt.  It could take on the south western feel with a pair of desert boots, some beads and a woven belt,  the preppy look as above or a little bit of an edge with spiky booties and a moto jacket.  I also plan to switch out the buttons to maybe something vintage-y and floral.

      Delicious Denim!     

I've never really loved  denim jackets until the last couple years... I recently found the perfect one (from Zara) and I wear it all the time.  They serve a multitude of purposes, I'll be posting ideas this week.  For more info on the items shown here visit my Polyvore account:


 So yeah, harem pants.   They're the best.  And I recently discovered on a colder than expected boat ride that they are super handy to put over tights for an extra layer.  Here are a few ideas of how to dress them up or down, I need to figure out how to get the resolution of my photos a bit better though, sorry for the blur! For more info:


For more info on these items visit: http://www.polyvore.com/rain_shine/set?id=82821405

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It seems once again that my desire for adventure and my  maybe rather fickle nature has delayed my web activity this weekend.  The thing is, all my very best girls have gone to  music festival that I couldn't go to, so naturally I grasped the first opportunity for distraction that came my way. I spent the weekend with 6 dudes, a big friendly dog and a totally random mission.  It was great.  In fact, if I had the choice I would've skipped the music festi for the ocean adventure, so, as they say, all things happen for a reason. (check out @elizaquinn on instagram for some sweet photos of the trip) Now I'm home, totally exhausted and finally updating my site with the promised rain-to-sun duo purpose outfit.  The item of the day? Harem pants.  Just the greatest thing to ever grace the chic-yet-comfy genre of ladies wear. I would suggest you go get some now if they aren't already in your closet! 

So I've been walking around all weekend with my bathing suit under my clothes just WAITING for any bit of sunshine to peek through.  I was fully ready for all 2 hours of it while it happened... though it was 2 hours sporadically, not all at once which kept me busy taking off and re-donning my layers.  Oh Vancouver, so pretty, but so unpredictable.  Here's what I suggest for all those positive thinkers like myself... Stay ready, take advantage and don't resort back to your sad winter wardrobe just because of a bit of drizzle and a few stubborn clouds.   For the next few days I'll be posting some outfits that can be easily transformed from rainy day to sunny day appropriate.  Because I know just how much we all need those little bits of sun.

for more info on these items, visit http://www.polyvore.com/errands_in_rain/set?id=82756129


  1. Have your sunglasses at all times
  2. wear multiple layers, eg: a cardigan and maybe a jean jacket
  3. wear closed toe shoes (nothing worse  than cold, wet feet!)
  4. carry a tote with sunscreen, magazines and a beach blanket... just in case
  5. wear a hat instead of an umbrella


  1. underestimate how fast the weather can change
  2. wear turtlenecks or other garments that are difficult to take on and off
  3. wear your bathing suit as a bra if it doesn't work with the shirt you're wearing
  4. give up on the sun!

I love this photo of mom, probably late 1970's with my brother Daniel I think... Notice the tractor in the background.  My mom and dad lived in a wall tent while they were clearing land on the island and building our family home.

                 *  *  *

Inspired by my adventurous mother, this outfit represents our unity here on planet earth.  The safari sunglasses, the mexican knapsack, the sensible shoes and the scarf reminiscent of head dresses in Africa and the far east.  My mom has always been a fan of pearls, sensible shoes and classic silhouettes.  Red lipstick and nail polish are a trademark of hers, the former she always applies to her cheeks as well, a useful trick I've inherited.  I'm curious what she has to say about the items I've picked...

                                             I'M BACK!   

    So please stay tuned for some new muses and fresh perspectives...

In light of a recent vacation and impending summer here's some inspiration for the beach!

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